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So impressed was I with THROATS 12″EP  & support slot with ROLO TOMASSI at their recent Tunbridge Wells show that I just had to find out a little bit more about them. Although this interview is an emailer which is a notoriously stiff way to conduct an conversation it’s a pretty cool read. Big thanks to Thomas for getting back so quick.


WNW: First off can you introduce yourself and explain your role in THROATS.

THOMAS: I’m Thomas, I play bass.

 WNW: What’s going on with your old drummer. The old one is now in the German Army, is this correct, is he going to return to the band?

T: Yeah, he left the band to fulfil his German national service, I believe he was eligible because he wasn’t in education at the time. In actual fact he didn’t join the Army, he managed to claim status as a conscientious objector and ended up working in a hospital. After his service was up he decided to stay in Germany and left the band which, in fact, worked out best for everyone. We spoke recently, he’s on tour with Elton John working for some sound recording company. Wild. 

WNW: Which one plays on the new record, the new chap was incredible from what I saw at Tunbridge Wells Forum?

T: Chris, our previous drummer plays on all our records so far. However, Tom has got it completely down, he’s perfect. After 9 months playing with constant fill ins, no matter how good they are, it’s so refreshing to be able to get up on stage and feel natural and confident playing the songs. 

 WNW: Who writes the lyrics? From Wake at the beginning to the final line “I’m breaking into pieces…” of Oaken/Wait it’s a pretty depressing read, why the hell are they so bleak?

A: Alex writes the Lyrics and to be honest I’ve only read them a handful of times, i’m definitely not the best person to ask. 

 WNW: You are on one of my favourite labels Holy Roar. How did you get together with them?

T: Throats played Rapturefest 2007, filling in for November Coming Fire who had just split up. Alex watched that show but from from what I gather wasn’t particularly impressed, after that we recorded a track ‘Reign of Low’, sent it to Alex and he asked if we wanted to put a record out with him. That record ended up being the Maths/Throats split. 

 WNW: With the new release I hear a definite late 80’s NAPALM DEATH influence. Live to me this is even more evident. Was that intentional or just something that naturally happened?

T: Thanks. We are all Napalm Fans, it wasn’t particularly conscious. We knew we wanted the E.P to be harder sounding than the previous splits. Napalm are one of the, if not the, hardest bands ever so it just sort of makes sense. 

 WNW: You have just finished a tour with ROLO TOMASSI and TRASH TALK who are both being somewhat courted by the press right now as the next big things. How did it go?

T: It was absolutely great, they are two awesome, awesome bands both musically and as humans. We couldn’t really ask for a better line-up for a really awesome time on tour. 

WNW: Any battle scars or stories you want to share?

T: Nothing particularly bad has happened for a while, which is weird, for a long time we were the unluckiest band in the world. Al and I have been smashed in face with guitars, Al throwing up 3 times in one show was memorable.

 WNW: You are soon to embark on a national tour with LAVOTCHKIN. Are you looking forward to that one?

T: Yeah, it’s a weird one for us, it’s one of the few tours we’ve done without knowing the people before hooking it up, plus it’s a headline tour which is a bit daunting. We have mutual friends in Crocus who tell us they are great guys and they’re obviously a cool band so it’s gonna be pretty exciting being able to catch them for the first time.  

WNW: It seems to be non stop for you guys, you’re forever on the road. Playing so hard night after night, how do you cope with the stress of being cooped up in the van day after day, night after night?

T: We want to do it, we’re all good friends and we get to see some crazy shit. It would be ridiculous to complain. 

 WNW: The New EP is so full on where are you planning on taking your sound next? Any Plans for a full length release?

T: We’re just about beginning to start writing for an LP, our ideas are all over the place right now. It would be impossible to give you an idea on sound until we’ve actually put a song together. 

WNW: I am obsessed with 80’s music of any kind. What if push came to shove is your favourite 80’s record or single and why?

T: That’s a hard one, to be honest my thing is early 90’s stuff but i guess ‘Surfer Rosa’ by the Pixies was kind of a precursor to a lot of the stuff i listen to as well as being a brilliant record. I was given it as a present from my uncle when i was pretty young – 12/13.  It blew my mind and introduced me to Albini. 

You can see the THROATS Photographs from the Tunbridge Wells show here.

THROATS myspace and Twitter and their record label can all be found by clicking the links dork face.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alex Fitzpatrick and THROATSOFGOLD, paul waller. paul waller said: @THROATSOFGOLD quick interview with thomas […]

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    This was a nice read.
    I was gutted I didn’t get a chance to see this tour, corking line up.

  3. hey, Thanks for the comment on my review, appreciate it. Quality insight into the world of Throats! They were awesome at the Flapper. Despite being an emailer the answers are surprisingly fluid!

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